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d to any other kind of popular shoe.The runners who
One statistical approach that seeks to address this Nike Air VaporMax Femme uses something called Adidas Superstar Femme propensity scores, which attempt to control for the likelihood that someone wears the shoes in Adidas ZX 700 Femme the first place. We tried this, too. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir Our estimates didn’t change.Tony Kharitonov and Marios Athineos don’t know each other — in fact, they live on opposite coasts — but they have something in common: They both failed to get the time they wanted in the 2017 Boston Marathon. But they failed together, just nine seconds apart, two minutes on the wrong side of three hours.That race was one of the hottest in years, with temperatures approaching 80 degrees, and both runners were off pace after the course’s famous Heartbreak Hill, around Mile 21, and slowed considerably in the race’s final miles.Running a marathon in less Asics Gel lyte 5 Femme than three hours is a sign of an elite runner, and Boston is one of the world’s most prestigious races. In Nike Air VaporMax Femme April, the men returned to run it again — and both switched to a different pair of shoes. Mr. Kharitonov wore Altra Adidas ZX Flux Femme Solstice shoes, and Mr. Athineos Adidas ZX 750 Mens wore Vaporflys.Once again, weather was a factor. The 2018 race featured pouring rain, strong winds, low temperatures and a big rise in dropouts.

This time, the results were different. Mr. Athineos, a 42-year-old researcher based in San Francisco, finished with 33 seconds to spare, at 2:59:26. But Mr. Kharitonov, 49, a software engineer in Millburn, N.J., could not stay warm, and once again could not maintain his pace. For the fifth year in a row, he failed to break three hours at the Boston Marathon, finishing in 3:07:17.Perhaps not surprisingly, given the conditions, neither runner identified shoes as a factor in this year’s result. And, given what we know about how different the races Adidas NMD Womens were, it may seem unhelpful to compare times between them at all. But there is still meaningful information in Adidas ZX 700 Femme events like these in aggregate.Nike Air Max 270 Homme Instead of directly comparing performances in the two races, we can compare the net change of runners who switched to Vaporflys with the net change of similar runners who did not. Of the 1,275 runners in our data who ran Boston both years, 52 switched to Vaporflys in 2018, as Mr. Athineos did. On the whole, those runners’ times improved more than that of the group of runners who did not.Claire Cain Miller writes about gender, families and the future of work for The Upshot.

This specific comparison may be too extreme for any study of shoes, and perhaps it is. But Boston 2017 and Boston 2018 are just one pair of races, and there are hundreds of pairs of races in our data in which large groups of Adidas Superstar Womens runners ran the same two races and in which a subset of them switched shoes. When we compare all these pairs Adidas NMD Mujerof races among all kinds Adidas NMD Femme of popular shoes, we see that, on average, runners who switched to Vaporflys improved their times more than similar runners who switched to any other kind of popular shoe.The runners who use Strava are an enthusiastic bunch: About one in four have uploaded data for two or more marathons, and about one in 10 have uploaded data for three or more. The Strava data allows us to follow these repeat racers over time, and, crucially, as they change shoes.Glenn Kasin, a 49-year-old doctoral student at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, is one of these avid runners. He has uploaded five marathons to Strava since November 2015, and he wore a different pair of shoes in every race. In January, at Nike Air Max 90 Femme the Houston Marathon, he decided to race in Vaporflys.

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