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Tag Archive: elitism. A Nature Inspired Sudoku Solver. Filed under:. Projects — Leave a comment December 25 2013 This project aims to the development of an open-source experimental prototype for solving and generating Sudoku puzzles by using only the strength of Genetic Algorithms. This is not a general purpose GA framework but a specific GA implementation

How to transform XML into HTML5 using XSLT

Tag Archive: XML. How to transform XML into HTML5 using XSLT. Filed under: , — 1 Comment June 3, 2013 In this article I’ll show you how you can make an XML to HTML5 transformation by using the XSLT language. Continue reading Tags: HTML5 markup languages, stylesheet, transformation, XML, XSLT Read More & Comment. (79). (21). (15). (26). (4).

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Tag Archive for text. | 2012-01-19 No comments [Python] Check links Uhm this is a simple script I made to check a list of links for dead ones and pick out the good ones. List is a text file with links. Usage is also simple: checkLinks.py filename Good links will be output to a file